“Who am I and what do I want?”


My girlfriend and I recently embarked on a trip around the world, well, half way around the world and then back again. I am no writer (ahem) but decided to document the details of my adventure. I’ve not done much writing in the past which will probably will displayed in my mediocre-at-best sentence structure, limited range of vocabulary and disappointing grammar. I had dabbled briefly in an online blog, which i was sure would turn into an overnight sensation, which ultimately ended up with a few followers just attempting to get me to follow those back. Ah the ruthless blogoshphere.

I left for my trip armed with a mole skin journal and a fountain pen. I decided to handwrite my exploits through nothing more than the romantic notion of relaxing, freeing my mind and expressing all my thoughts on paper. This, I duly completed on a regular basis, albeit with one slight problem.  Once I started my journal it occurred to me that writing by hand was a massive ballache. At school, writing by hand was the norm and learning how to cope with hours upon hours of scribbling was part of the education. Fast Forward ten years and I am so accustomed to using a computer, writing by hand has become tedious and hard work. Despite my hand cramps, I persevered and ended up with a good few pages of memories. What I found was there was a lot I wanted to get down but avoided it because of the pain in the arse writing had became.

Sadly, our trip was cut short due to a family bereavement and we returned to home, the UK, earlier than planned.

I am now reading back through my diary and transferring this to a word processor. Hopefully memories and feelings will be rekindled and I can expand what is already down. I don’t have main theme or focus but do hope one surfaces through my Gonzo style view of the adventure.

As we planned, it seems that we will be continuing our trip. In approximately 7 days. Fuck. This means that I aim to give my 7 weeks worth of account over the next week, ready to write live at the time my adventure starts.


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