“The Best Is Yet To Come”

First and foremost, I must offer my deepest and most sincere apologies for the truly depressive nature of my last post. Sitting down to sum up my feelings of returning from the trip of a life time hardly sparks enthusiasm. So, as a great woman once said, “Onwards and upwards”.

This is where my blog takes twist, a sidestep away from the wanderlust of the past 6 months and into my latest realm of possibility. Normal life.

Each day on my travels, there was a new door to open, a new experience to be had, a new adventure around the corner, and a new page in my book of life waiting to be written. Returning home, I find myself wondering why those experiences had to be confined to me experiencing them on a different continent?

So, scraping together enthusiasm from other blogs such as http://www.bucketlistpublications.com and http://100thingsblog.com I have decided to basically copy them.

I have come up with my own list, my semi-bucket, things to do this year, list.

During my last blog attempts, I created a page I planned I would dedicate to great views and fantastic photos I found along my travels. This never materialised as I was too busy enjoying those moments. So this wasted space will be recycled into my list for 2014. I planned to err on the side of caution and daren’t try the 100 things, so I considered 52. One activity for each week. Then, once I realised I am 5 weeks into the year, I settled for a round 50.

This list and blog will not only act as a documented account of my attempt to bring exploration to my everyday life, but will also be my inspiration. I want to write, I want to learn, I want to share. This is my motivation.

So I hope to begin tearing through my list, faster than I can think of more things to add.

I must admit that due to the lengthly travels, I am in fact, pretty damn poor, however I am determined to not let that hold me back. It just means that the more cost effective activities may happen first.

So can we all please agree that while world wide travel open eyes and doors to great possibilities, that travel within yourselves can inspire too, and enlighten a world you never knew existed.


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