The List

Here is the list I compiled of things I wish to achieve or do this year;

1. Get a cut throat shave
2. Swim in the North Sea
3. Go to a poetry or book reading
4. Go ledging
5. Go to a Jazz night
6. Cook a meal for friends or family
7. Coast to coast bike ride
8. Complete the Great North Run
9. Wild camp
10. Climb one of the three peaks
11. Wine tasting
12. Help a stranger
13. Do something for charity
14. Light fire without matches
15. Jet ski or drive a boat down the River Tyne
16. Visit the Kielder Observatory
17. Visit Katie in Groningen
18. Go Hunting or shoot a gun
19. Try a Floatation tank
20. Amateur dramatics class
21. Fishing
22. Watch a band I love
23. Play a golf tournament
24. Volunteer work
25. Learn 1 song on the guitar
26. Throw a cottage party
27. See an Art show
28. See a Shakespeare play
29. See a Fashion show
30. Complete an assault course
31. Go to a Festival
32. Build something
33. Meet up with Chinese family
34. Zero G flight
35. Go to a comedy show
36. See an old movie at the Tyneside Cinema or Jam Jar cinema Whitley bay
37. Visit a castle
38. See Stonehenge or another wonder
39. Picnic at sunrise or sunset
40. Cook a roast dinner
41. Bungy jump
42. Durham waterfall high force
43. Victoria tunnel
44. Pick a wedding venue
45. Visit a museum
46. Alnwick garden
47. Axe or knife throwing
48. Speak a foreign language with a native speaker
49. Watch a film outside
50. Roadtrip with no destination
51. Archery
52. Watch a sport not football
53. Swim in a lake
54. Skinny dip
55. Make homemade pizza
56. See the Northern Lights

After I compiled my list, I asked my wonderful fiancé for a contribution, seeing as she would be accompanying me along the way. Here’s what she came up with;

1. Go back to Australia
2. Start a fashion blog
3. Digital SLR – take a great picture
4. Marry Leonardo DeCaprio
5. Minor tailoring alterations on my own (change buttons)
6. See Haim
7. Join a yoga class
8. Find a hobby
9. Visit London
10. Be more independent
11. Make a new friend

“Onwards and Upwards”


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